Successes From Practitioners and Consumers

Better Digestion, Better Sense of Well-Being, and More ...

Jen has been drinking Camelicious for 6 months. She's noticed a number of health benefits including better digestion and better hair, skin and nails.


Camelicious Helped with Better Stamina and Mental Clarity

Elizabeth Freeman of Vibrant Healthcare in Washington, MO, was skeptical to try Camelicious. When she did try it she found it gave her better stamina and better mental clarity.


Camelicious Helping with Speech and Behavioral Issues

Raelynn Torzone of Natural Benefits in Annapolis, MD, shares her results using Camelicious with a 20-year-old man with a history of limited speech, and a boy with behavioral issues.


Helping a 15-year-old boy Become More Verbal

Becky Sweeten of Covenant Natural Health Care in Florence, KY, tells how Camelicious camel milk helped a 15-year-old boy become more verbal.


Using Camelicious camel milk powder for better digestion and energy

Dr. Josh Wright works at Chagrin Natural Health Clinic in Chagrin Falls, OH. He drinks Camelicious first thing in the morning and has noticed Camelicious helps his digestion and energy level.


Camelicious helps her husband have a calmer stomach and more energy

Abigail LaBounty of LaBounty Family Chiropractic in Ankeny, IA, shares how Camelicious helps her husband with his digestive issues. After drinking it his stomach is calmer and he has more energy.


Camelicious camel milk for getting a better night’s sleep

Tara Anderson of Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Clinic in Waterloo, IA, finds drinking Camelicious camel milk in the evenings very beneficial for a good night’s sleep.


Helping Pet Patients with Camelicious Camel Milk

Dr. Sue Howell, Veterinarian, of Thrive Wholistic Veterinary Care in Thiensville, WI, tells how Camelicious helped two of her patients – a cat with neurological issues which resulted in a face wound, and a German Shepherd dog with anxiety issues.


More mobility and energy for 10-year-old Yorkie terrier drinking camel milk

A Veterinarian recommended Camelicious for Ann’s 10-year-old Yorkie and Ann has noticed her dog has greater mobility and more energy.


Rachel loves Camelicious camel milk

The excellent nutrition in camel milk benefits dogs and cats, as well as humans.


Lulubelle likes Camelicious

Lulubelle is a 12-year-old Papillon. Her owner drinks Camelicious and decided to see if Lulubelle liked it, and she did.


Dr. Martha Hall of Acupuncture Halls in San Juan Capistrano, CA, takes Camelicious camel milk herself and has introduced it to her family. She shares the results she has seen for herself and for her mother.


Kajal Patel of Svast Nutrition in Warner Robins, GA shares her experience using camel milk with her daughter and some of her child patients with special needs:


Dr. Leanne Fuchs of Apple a Day Nutrition in Decatur, IL, helping young patients.


Dr. Kevin Carter of Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, TN,  helping young patients.


“I have one child patient with cognitive and behavioral issues on the Camelicious camel milk. His mother has been adding it to his daily smoothie. She thinks it's helping him. I feel I can see changes when he’s visited the office. He does less teeth grinding and there is no random shouting while he is in the office. He is calmer.”

Melissa Dyer, Covenant Natural Health Care, Florence, KY


“I just tried Camelicious camel milk. It’s delicious! I’m going to share it with my patients.”

Cindy Harrington, CNC, CHS, CINHC, CYT & Master Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Center for Nutritional Healing, LLC, Royersford, PA