About Us

John Payne, Chairman and CEO of PURELIFE Health Sciences Group, LLC, first heard about the benefits of camel milk while in the Middle East.

John was delivering seminars to medical doctors in the United Arab Emirates to educate them about metabolic disorders and what can be done to address them. John works with a team of scientific researchers and doctors throughout the world specializing in the prevention and long-term reversal of critical health conditions caused by degeneration of the body.

John was fascinated by what he heard about camel milk and started his own research.

In investigating the history of camel milk, he found that camel milk has been part of the diet of people in the Middle East, northern African and some parts of Asia for centuries. In fact, the Bedouins, nomadic people in the Middle East and Asia continue to drink camel milk as a major part of their diet. He found that these people rarely suffer from some of the chronic diseases that now plague people in that region who have adopted a "western diet", including diabetes and heart disease.

John found many scientific studies that support the use of camel milk for various health conditions.

John decided to make premium camel milk available in the US so that Americans could benefit from this very nutritious drink. This purpose involved a number of years of worldwide research to locate a source of high-quality camel milk. He found that source in Dubai at Camelicious®, a state-of-the-art facility and one of the leading camel dairies in the world.

Camelicious’ history dates back to 35 years ago when it was the Central Valley Research Laboratory conducting scientific research into the superior health benefits of camel milk. Now Camelicious has over 530 staff and produces about four million liters of camel milk each year. Camelicious spends millions of dollars every year to utilize best practices, ensuring the greatest care of their camels and the production of premium camel milk.

John then spent time working with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have Camelicious registered for use in the US and this occurred in 2019.

Nutra Wellness, LLC, was created to make high quality nutritional products widely available to practitioners and consumers.

The founders of Nutra Wellness have a strong commitment to natural healthcare as they also provide nutritional training to healthcare practitioners through a sister company.

With their common purpose of helping people improve their health using nutrition, Nutra Wellness and PURELIFE Health Sciences Group partnered to make Camelicious camel milk powder widely available in the US.