1. Who do I contact with questions or comments?

We value your feedback. If you have any comments or questions about our product, promotions, website or company please contact us. Call us and speak with a real person in the US.

TOLL FREE: (866) 531-8713
EMAIL: info@camelicioususa.com

2. What is the history of camel milk?

Camel milk has been used therapeutically for centuries in Middle Eastern, Asian, and African cultures. Nomadic cultures have been known to survive on camel milk alone with no apparent loss of health. 

3. Why is camel milk suddenly gaining notice in the US?

In recent years, camel milk has been the subject of scientific studies to establish the health benefits of its bioactive ingredients. There is now a good deal of scientific evidence regarding the benefits of camel milk. Many of these studies can be found on PubMed.gov

4. Why is camel milk being hailed as a new super food? 

Camels are unique animals and their milk has some unique health properties.

It has been found that camel milk contains high proportions of anti-bacterial and anti-viral substances, antioxidants and immune system boosters, including:

B vitamins 
Vitamin C
Vitamin E   
Omega 3 fatty acids

5. Who will benefit from camel milk?

Camel milk may be beneficial for almost anyone because it provides unique nutritional and health benefits.

6. What is the nutritional value of Camelicious®?

On every packet and box of Camelicious there is a “Nutrition Facts” panel which provides information on the nutrition contained in 1 serving (20g) of Camelicious. 

7. Can children drink camel milk?

Yes, camel milk is a wonderful source of nutrition for children.

8. Can a baby drink camel milk?

For a child under 12 months we recommend seeking and following the directions of a health care professional.

9. Can I drink Camelicious if I am lactose intolerant?

Camel milk is a particularly good milk for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Camel milk does contain some lactose, but it has a smaller amount of lactose than cow milk.  It is very rare for someone to have an allergic reaction to camel milk. In fact, camel milk is considered the least allergenic milk after human milk. One of the reasons for this is that camel milk is virtually bioidentical to human colostrum.

10. Can I drink Camelicious if I’m allergic to cow milk?

Camel milk doesn’t contain A1 beta-casein and beta-lactoglobulin, the two proteins found in cow milk that may cause allergies. Camel milk is usually well tolerated by those with cow milk protein allergy.

11. Can I drink cow milk and camel milk at the same time?

We suggest fully replacing cow milk with camel milk as cow milk has shown to be more allergenic than camel milk.

12. What are the advantages of camel milk over alternative milks, such as soymilk and nut milks?

Commercial soy and nut milks contain additives. Three of the most common additives in nut milks are guar gum, gellan gum and carrageenan, which are used to thicken, stabilize and preserve the milk. Carrageenan is known to be extremely inflammatory. Some have added sugar. Soymilk often contains carrageenan and vegetable oils.

In contrast, camel milk is 100% real milk without additives.

13. What does Camelicious taste like?

Most people say Camelicious tastes mostly like cow milk. Some people say it is sweeter than cow milk and some say it has a hint of saltiness. Most people say Camelicious has a pleasant flavor.

14. How should I drink Camelicious?

Simply mix Camelicious with water or a favorite cool or room temperature beverage. Put the Camelicious powder and liquid in a shaker cup with a metal ball (not plastic ball) and shake to combine.

It’s better to add Camelicious to a cool or room temperature liquid, rather than a hot liquid, as a hot liquid will destroy some of the enzymes and lessen the nutritional properties.

Some people drink Camelicious as a glass of milk and some add the powder to a smoothie. For kids, or adults, adding some cacao powder makes a healthy chocolate milk drink.

15. When is the best time to drink camel milk?

You can drink camel milk whenever you like – before, during or after meals, or between meals.

Some of our customers tell us they notice great benefits if they drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

16. Can I cook and bake with camel milk?

Yes, camel milk is an excellent substitute for cow milk and alternative milks in cooking and baking. Usually, you can use the same amount of camel milk in recipes which use cow milk.

17. Can I add camel milk powder to my coffee, or to hot water?

Yes, you can add camel milk powder to make a great tasting cup of coffee or add it to hot water for a warm milk drink. However, for the best nutritional value we do recommend mixing the powder with cool or room temperature liquids.

18. How much camel milk is in one box of Camelicious?

Each Camelicious box contains 480 grams (16.9 oz) of camel milk powder in 24 individual packets (20 g/0.7 oz each). Each packet makes a 6 to 8 oz glass of milk. So, with 480 grams of camel milk powder you can make between 144 and 192 oz of liquid milk.

19. How much Camelicious should I drink?

We suggest you start Camelicious at ½ packet a day for the first 2 days. The powder can be mixed with 3 to 4 oz of water or mixed with a smoothie. By doing this, you can see how your body reacts to camel milk and Camelicious. For children or adults with known sensitivities to some foods, start with a lesser amount than ½ packet.

At your own pace, move up to drinking 1 packet a day.

For general health benefits, we suggest taking 1 packet a day. For more nutritional support you can take 2 packets a day, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. For those with health challenges that can be helped with camel milk, it is beneficial to take Camelicious 3 times a day, 1 packet in the morning, 1 packet around lunch time and 1 packet in the late afternoon.

If, at any time, you have a non-optimum reaction then simply reduce the amount you are taking.

If you open a packet of Camelicious and don't use all the powder in the packet, seal the packet and store it in the refrigerator. It is best to use all the contents of a single serve packet within 24-48 hours of opening it.

20. Does Camelicious contain any added ingredients? 

Camelicious is 100% all-natural dry whole camel milk. It does not contain antibiotics or hormones and is GMO-free and gluten-free. 

21. What are the camels at the Camelicious Dairy fed?

The camels at the Camelicious dairy are fed a non-GMO plant-based diet. Their feed is regularly tested to ensure it is free of herbicides.

22. What is flash pasteurization?

Camelicious camel milk is flash pasteurized. Flash pasteurization is a state-of-the-art technology which heats the milk enough to destroy the harmful bacteria while maintaining all of the nutritional properties. Flash pasteurized milk is comparable to raw milk but without the concerns of illness.

23. Is the milk tested for heavy metals?

Yes, the camel milk is continuously tested to ensure it is free of heavy metals and a variety of environmental contaminants. 

24. What are the advantages of camel milk powder over fresh camel milk?

On average, fresh camel milk only has a shelf life of 4-5 days after the camel is milked. Camelicious camel milk powder has a shelf life of 12 months; that means the nutritional benefits of the camel milk are good for 12 months. Camel milk powder is easier to store than fresh milk. It’s also easier to continue to have the benefits of drinking camel milk when travelling.

25. Why is Camelicious packed in single serve packets?

Some companies sell large bags of camel milk powder. Unfortunately, the moment a large bag of camel milk powder is opened it is subject to oxidation and its nutritional benefits may be lessened after about 24 to 48 hours. 

Camelicious is packaged in single serve packets so when each packet is consumed it is providing the optimum nutritional benefits. Unopened packets maintain the nutritional benefits of the camel milk powder for 12 months.

26. Where is Camelicious produced?

Camelicious is produced at the Camelicious Dairy in Dubai, the world’s leading state-of-the-art camel dairy.

The Camelicious Dairy has 530 staff and produces four million liters of camel milk yearly. The economies of scale and a state-of-the-art facility enable the company to supply high quality, premium camel milk at a highly competitive price.

27. How is Camelicious produced?

Camelicious camel milk is flash pasteurized only to the point where any harmful bacteria are destroyed but where all the unique nutritional properties and health benefits remain. The milk is then gently dried without heat or freezing to maintain the natural color, flavor and consistency of fresh milk. 

The powder is immediately packed into individual single serve packets.

28. How do I know when my Camelicious expires?

On the back of every box of Camelicious there is an expiration date in the bottom left corner. There is also an expiration date on every single serve packet. The date is displayed in the format DD/MM/YY.

29. How should I store Camelicious?

Camelicious should be stored in a cool and dry place and kept away from moisture and sunlight.

If a single serve packet is opened and only some of the powder is used, seal the packet and store it in the refrigerator. It is best to use all the contents of an opened single serve packet within 24 to 48 hours.

30. What is the FDA status of Camelicious?

The provider of Camelicious has FDA registration and the right to import Camelicious into the US.

31. Are there distributor opportunities?

Yes, we offer distributor and wholesale opportunities and want to see camel milk more broadly available in the US. Please call 866-531-8713 or email info@camelicioususa.com

32. What are the shipping methods and times?

Online orders may be placed for all US states. For US territories and international orders, please call us at 1-866-531-8713.

We have the following shipping options:

US Postal Service First Class Mail: 3-6 days
UPS-US Postal Service Surepost: 4-6 days
UPS ground: 3-5 days
UPS 2nd Day Air: 2 days
UPS Next Day Air: Next Day

For free shipping we reserve the right to choose the method of shipping.

33. Where can I find out more information about camel milk and Camelicious?

We regularly post information to our Facebook page so you can find more information by visiting our Camelicious USA Facebook page. Feel free to call us at 866-531-8713 or email us at info@camelicioususa.com