How to Get More Motion in Your Life

How to Get More Motion in Your Life - Camelicious USA

Move More Month is designed to remind us all to fit more physical activity into our life.

If you currently don’t do much physical activity, you’ll want to start moving more on a gradient. That means, start slow and in a small amount and build up from there.


A good place to start if you are not very active right now is walking. Get outside and walk as far as you can comfortably walk.

The next day walk a little further. Keep building up your distance and time spent walking on a gradient you can cope with.

Tips For Increasing Your Walking

1. Walk with Another Person, or Your Dog

At home, walk with a family member, friend, or neighbor. At work, encourage a co-worker to go for a walk at lunchtime.

Walking with another person allows you to support and encourage each other to walk every day. Also, the time spent walking goes more quickly with conversation.

If you’re a dog lover, having a dog will help motivate you to get outside and give your dog exercise.

2. Force Yourself to Walk a Longer Distance

When you are doing errands, park your car far from the entrance of the store so you add more steps to your day. You can adopt the same strategy at your workplace.

3. Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

4. Make a Game for Yourself

Wear a pedometer, or use a health app on your phone, to keep track of the steps you are walking. Challenge yourself to increase your steps each day and month. Make sure you set attainable goals to stay motivated.

Remember, every step of walking offers benefits and is some of the best exercise for heart health. It can improve your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and energy levels, plus it can fight weight gain to improve heart health overall, according to the American Heart Association.

All of those things can help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Remember, you only need about two and a half hours per week of moderate exercise to improve your health!

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